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The CGGU Primary Schools Golf Tour are to provide boys and girls, ages thirteen & under (min.age 5), the opportunity to advance their skills in the game of golf by playing in age appropriate distance competitions.

The CGGU PS Golf Tour consists of 10 one-day tournaments including a season ending one-day Championships Six of the best scores on the Order of Merit (OOM) for the year will count towards the stroke average which will be used to choose the players for the Inter-provincial Primary Schools Championships (IPPSG) for individual players and the under 13 Championships annually.

Similar to the PGA Tour, players ages 10 and under at the CGGU PS Golf Tour events are encouraged to have caddies to help them play their best. Allowing parents as caddies is a special component of our tournaments and is our commitment to encouraging family interaction that builds lasting memories from grass roots. 

Once you register as a member of CGGU PS Golf Tour, you may enter as many events as you choose with a minimum of 6 tournaments throughout the year to be eligible for the CGGU team only if you play from ladies tee boxes. 

There are also school team related league games on a weekly basis where everyone will be able to play 9 hole tournaments. Individual players and the schools with a minimum of 4 players will play in the League competitions with only 3 scores to count. The 4 best schools will be chosen to represent CGGU in the IPPSG Championships for schools throughout South Africa. All the individual scores will also count towards the OOM.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Hardus van der Merwe at 083 266 0880.

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